Workshop sur l’édition numérique à Göttingen les 8 et 9 janvier 2015

A Workshop on Electronic Editions will be held on January 8 (starting in the early afternoon) and 9 (ending not later than 5 pm) 2015, at Göttingen, under the auspices of the Academy of Sciences at Göttingen, and the Department for Special Collection and Conservation of Göttingen University Library, organized by Moritz Epple (Frankfurt), Helmut Rohlfing (Göttingen), and Norbert Schappacher (Strasbourg) on behalf of the Academy’s Kommission für Mathematiker-Nachlässe.

The aim of the workshop is to learn about, compare, and discuss basic questions of electronic editions. The focus will be on the specific interdisciplinarity necessary for, and often created by e-editions: between historians of science, librarians / archivists, and especially computer scientists. Problems related to the electronic editing of scientific correspondence will receive special attention in the discussions.

The backbone of the workshop consists of the presentations of four
electronic edition projects, always with particular emphasis on their
interdisciplinary routines: the Newton Project, the D’Alembert edition (ENCCRE), Blumenbach-online, and the Sommerfeld edition. Each presentation is scheduled for about 60 minutes, followed by a 40 minutes slot for discussion.

The workshop will convene in the Old Göttingen University Library,
Papendieck 14.

Pour le programme complet et plus d’informations pratiques, cliquez ici.

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